We recently had a studio concert at the Montgomery Community Television studio. The program featured Amy Beth Horman playing violin and Frank Conlon playing piano. They gave us wonderful performances of our eight original compositions. Here are audio recordings of their performances.

  1. Beautiful Bela by John Lamb
  2. Blues Appassionato by David Rubenstein
  3. Dancing on the River Thames by Michiko Yurko
  4. Lament and Caprice by Lawrence Heinen
  5. Loon Mountain by Ronald Dicus
  6. Romance by Nikita Wells
  7. Schizophonica by Gerald Harris
  8. Sonatina by Masatoshi Mitsumoto

All recordings and performances are Copyright (C) 2007, All Rights Reserved.

Several of our members have web pages that feature some of their music online.
Matthew H. Fields, Composer
Richard Christner's Music
Masatoshi Mitsumoto, Composer / Conductor
Original Music Compositions by David Rubenstein
Composer Stephen M. Dye
Chris Wright, Composer